A 12 unit Assisted Living Complex in Sicamous.


319 Gordon Mackie Lane
Sicamous, British Columbia  V0E 2V1
(250) 836-2310

Phone Number
(250) 833-5877

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Street Address
2891 15 Avenue NE, Salmon Arm, BC
Postal Code
V1E 2B6
Phone Number
(250) 804-4814

A funded assisted living facility  in Salmon Arm which includes housing, hospitality services and one or two personal assistance services, such as regular assistance with activities of daily living, medication services, or psychosocial supports including access to a Social Worker, Recreation Therapist, Chaplain service.

Contact Home and Community Health (Salmon Arm) for further information and admission guidelines:





Street Address
1051 6 Ave NE, Salmon Arm, BC
Postal Code
V1E 0A6