Our volunteers are men and women of this community who are willing to give a few hours a week to visit clients in homes, hospital, or long term care facilities. They are carefully screened and trained to provide services tailored to individual needs. Volunteers are special people who are able to support others in a knowledgeable, confidential and compassionate manner, thus making a positive difference to the quality of someone else’s life.

As part of our compassionate program, volunteers can:

  • listen without judgment and help reduce fear and anxiety.
  • provide a safe place to talk about “what matters”; life’s journey; and to reminisce.
  • provide emotional support to the ill, the bereaved and to caregivers.
  • offer practical assistance .e.g. reading, writing letters, running errands, outings, etc.
  • offer companionship\provide helpful information related to end-of-life, care giving, dying and bereavement.
  • act as an advocate to ensure the client’ needs are met.
  • sit vigil at the bedside of a loved one at the end of life 
  • offer respite for family caregivers

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer…  please view our volunteer information pamphlet